Inspire the very best in your community to see your community thrive and grow!

At Emerge we are committed to growth, leadership and inspiring people
to do and be their very best.  

We are passionate about encouraging and supporting the same for our communities, especially for the generation that will grow into our future community leaders.  This is why we choose to invest in our local schools, elementary through high school. If you too are passionate about our schools and the children growing in our local communities, and are planning a fundraiser to support them, then let us know and let’s see how we can partner with you with one of the fundraising events we offer below.


Join us for a Super Sonic Day and we’ll donate 20% of sales to your Elementary School.  Don’t miss fun family activities including a photo booth, face painter, bouncy house, games and much more!  Have fun while supporting your community!


if you are interested in Planning a fundraiser for your local elementary school or high school.

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