Kamal Singh is a restaurant entrepreneur who partners with franchisees and franchisors to help improve store key drivers and emerge them as top performers. As CEO and President of Emerge! Inc., Kamal has grown from a single franchise owner to owning one of the fastest growing restaurant groups in the Southeast United States. After spending more than a decade as a franchise operator, multi-unit owner, and cross-brand owner, Kamal knows what truly drives success, profitable stores and expansion - and it’s not by sitting back and hoping things change. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating community you’re trying to help and communicate your same care to the team he brings on board.


In 2009 he gained approval to be franchisee of Lenny’s Sub shop and purchased his first unit. He was a multi-unit operator in 2010 with the purchase of 2 additional Lenny’s Sub Shops and 1 Bullritos restaurant in the Houston DMA. By 2012 he diversified into Auntie Anne’s, Nestle and Baskin Robbins, taking him to 7 units. In 2015 he ventured with Yum Brands to expand his portfolio to 23 units, including Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. In 2017 he made a major move with Sonic Restaurants and purchased and successfully transitioned the corporate Houston market, which included 34 units. In 2019, he added a 3rd major brand to the portfolio and entered the Taco Bell system through the purchase of 6 units. The next 2 years were full of New Builds and Remodels, and then in 2020 expanded to Arizona by adding another major brand through the purchase of 30 Pizza Hut stores.

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