Sonya Hodges joined Emerge, Inc in 2016, as Executive Assistant to President Kamal Singh, and CFO Sanjay Mehra. Hodges was responsible for the administrative functions of all brands. Before coming to Emerge, Sonya worked in various positions at Marriott, Inc., bringing with her more than six years of experience in the customer service and hospitality industry combined. Before Marriott, Sonya served as a Project Manager Assistant for ABB Inc., supporting Houston-based Business Unit Developer Suresh Iyengar. She managed over 2400 Project Managers in completing various certi cation levels to work on multi-million dollar global projects, by assist with developing and leading a PM competency program that drove pro stability. Hodges helped drove a successful platform for risk management training which resulted in over $1B savings.


Hodges attends Texas Southern University and plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Human Resource concentration. Hodges has been gradually developing into her role as Personnel Director for Emerge by leading and managing orga- nizational change activities, such as structural and cultural change. Hodges main focus is to develop leaders, implement strategies and to solve complex people challenges.

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