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Emerge Proudly Partners with KFC Harvest

We are pleased to align all our KFC Units with KFC Harvest Program. A program that believes in donating surplus food to fight hunger in our local community. Unsold, surplus food is prepared in approved containers and stored in the restaurant's freezers for a weekly scheduled pick up by a local food bank to feed an impact those in need in the local community. Emerge has continuously found ways to give back to the community.

The goals of this program, as stated by KFC Corporate, are:

  • Support your community by assisting those in need

  • Increase employee's morale by decreasing the amount of wasted food

  • Increase the Brand's image as a caring member of the community

  • Provide an income tax benefit to eligible donors”

Our Area Coaches and General Manager have been already instructed, educated and supervised with the guidelines to donate. The team was notified explicitly on how to identify products, what to donate, and how to handle the products with label and date bags, so it passes food safety before handed to the agency driver to further distribute to the community.

It is with great pride that we become part of such a noble cause. This is just another way Emerge has found to give back to the community. Thank you to our team in KFC Units for their work!

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