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Emerge’s 2024 Annual Operators Meeting (AOP) and Leadership Conference was a special event that served as a platform for acknowledging and appreciating all company members. As emphasized by Kamal Singh, our Founder and President: “It was a celebration of our exceptional leaders, regional managers, and dedicated employees who have fueled our success.”

Candice Moore, VP of Human Resources, recalls the event atmosphere as one of pride and empowerment: “Everybody felt like a unified team, even though all four brand partners were in attendance.” Team member recognition across all brands was at the forefront of the event, highlighting employees’ greatest achievements and how their individual efforts contributed to the company’s collective success.

AOP showcased our commitment to excellence and innovation in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, with a focus on the future. Our achievements over the past year were spotlighted between recognition awards and shared stories, showing a strong sense of empowerment and camaraderie among all of Emerge’s team members.

Emerge knows that the company’s success reflects collective growth and improvements from its humble beginnings, emphasizing the importance of leadership. Our leadership will continuously address the needs of our people and work hand-in-hand with all team members to RISE UP TO GREATNESS. Emerge’s culture of development, built on the pillars of Love, Urgency, Persistence, and Honor as its core values, will continue to be strengthened through recognition, support, and resources for the emerging leaders in our restaurants.

Mick Rosckowff, our Cofounder, Partner, and COO, presented an exciting vision of the future, urging everyone to become leaders for change and sources of inspiration. His call to action emphasized personal development and collective growth as the way to pave our path to success over the next year and beyond. “Be someone who helps change lives, inspires, develops...others and yourselves to overcome obstacles and RISE UP. Take someone's hand and help them climb the mountain while you continue climbing yours. Create and leave that legacy of rising up.”

The Rise Up Program, reintroduced during this year’s AOP, exemplifies our commitment to continuous improvement and sustaining momentum throughout the year. This initiative provides ongoing support, motivation, and resources to ensure that everyone within the company has the tools needed to continue growing both professionally and personally.

The 2024 AOP and Leadership Conference was about recognition and celebration, but also a launchpad for future success. Reflecting on our shared experiences, it's clear that each of our leaders play a crucial role in driving our collective growth. Let's carry forward the inspiration, lessons, and camaraderie from AOP 2024 into our daily work, ensuring Emerge's continued success and innovation in the QSR industry. Our united dedication and passion are the cornerstones of our journey forward, and together, we can RISE UP TO GREATNESS!

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