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Emerge! Opens its First Brand-New Taco Bell

After fulfilling the transition and transformation of six Taco Bells they acquired in July, 2018, the Emerge! Team is pleased to announce the completion of construction of its first brand new Taco Bell restaurant at 358 Singing Oaks in Buleverde, Texas. Less than a year in with this top tier brand, and Emerge! is already expanding its footprint in the brand, this time building one from the ground up.

The Buleverde Taco Bell was inaugurated on May 15th, 2019 with the presence of Bobby Hamman, Director of Franchisee Operations, and Jennifer Scott, from Taco Bell corporate, at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

"Being a part of the process was definitely rewarding knowing it was a dream project for Kamal himself - but not without some hardships.” stated Maria Devilla, Training Director of Emerge!.

The process encountered some challenges, including delays on the opening and issues regarding staffing, but the final product turned out to be a total success. Devilla goes on to share:

“The opening day got moved several times. We had to go through so many hurdles with the city and what I suspect the usual back and forth with the building contractors. Staffing was even tougher. It seemed impossible in the beginning but about two months in, the unit is the most staffed we have among the Taco Bells. The challenge now is to make sure we're staying on top of training to keep turnover low and our newest team members engaged.”

The employees were constantly supervised and trained by experienced Taco Bell team members from regions all over the U.S. as the unit developed its infrastructure, inventory and equipment for production. Emerge! prides itself on the communication and support it provides the whole staff. This communication and support helped the development team feel valued for its time and talent invested in the brand. Emerge!’s main goal is to provide the highest speed and customer satisfaction and this new Taco Bell will not be an exception.

This brand new, modern unit is expected to appeal to a wide range of customers, and is sure to stand out in the Emerge! portfolio of restaurants. Come check it out!

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