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Emerge's 25th Taco Bell Opens in New Caney!

Updated: 3 days ago

In the challenging landscape of the fast-food business, Emerge continues to ascend to the top of the QSR peaks while maintaining relevance and competitiveness through strategic choices and carefully planned expansion. The newest addition to the Emerge portfolio is a beautiful new built Taco Bell, bringing the brand's unit count to 25 Taco Bell stores across Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

The grand opening took place on April 26th, attracting many residents of the area eager to explore the stunning, state-of-the-art establishment poised to become the new favorite hangout spot in the neighborhood. Whether seeking thrills at the nearby racetrack, cooling off after a day at the water park, or simply passing through town, the new grand patio of this unit model provides the perfect setting for everyone to enjoy time with friends and family. The Emerge Team was delighted to welcome the vibrant community of New Caney, which embraced them warmly and showed keen interest in the next big thing in town.

A key component in the success of every new Emerge unit is the human element. In the case of Taco Bell #41090, Antonio and his crew, a group of team players embodying Emerge’s core values and putting all their love and passion into every task, were trained and entrusted to take care of guests. They kicked things off with exceptional speed and service to ensure that everyone’s experience at this new Taco Bell is truly outstanding.

The company's horizon knows no bounds, with many other projects already lined up for 2024. In the meantime, the Emerge Team proudly announces to the world: Taco Bell #41090 is open for business!

Let’s continue to Rise Up together!

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