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AC Dolores turns her unit into a ‘Signature Store’

Updated: May 27, 2023

Congratulations to Area Coach Dolores Gonzales from the San Antonio market! Her outstanding management has earned her unit a ‘Signature Store’ recognition. Dolores has always been a team member we respect and admire. We’re very excited for this achievement and her subsequent promotion and we are looking forward to seeing where she can take the San Antonio market. We believe she will kick it in this role! We’re very proud of her much deserved achievement! Signature Restaurants are global restaurants that deliver the best-in-class service, talent, unrivaled culture, and the fundamentals in place to serve delicious food from open to close! Being a Signature Restaurant means you have mastered the science and art of a premier Taco Bell. Once you’ve done that, that’s where Golden Bell comes in. Golden Bell is Taco Bell’s way of adding Más flavor to our recognition culture by celebrating the success of the “Best of the Best” restaurants and leaders around the globe with an exclusive invitation to our celebratory, designation trip. In 2019, Taco Bell launched this recognition platform to celebrate the top tier restaurants and teams, and give others motivation and incentive to follow suit. In 2021, they have almost tripled their number of Signature qualifiers, currently hovering at around 1,000 restaurants! By delivering consistent results all year long measured according to the 4 key fundamentals (below), units can become Signature and stand a chance to go to Golden Bell with eligibility to receive Signature Recognition Swag.

Customer dissatisfaction

Transaction time/Speed perception

Core OPS & Food Safety

​Managers certified

We’re very proud of Dolores, whose great management and continued commitment to the company earned Emerge! the honor of having a Signature Restaurant. Thank you, Dolores! We’re glad to have you as part of our team!

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