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Emerge! celebrates AOP 2021.

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Every year, the Annual Operations meeting (AOP) gives Emerge! the chance to review the achievements of the previous year, discuss the areas of operations that need improvement, and cast vision for the following year. It is an opportunity for all management to get on the same page, but more importantly, it gives a reason to gather and celebrate all that we accomplished together.

AOP 2021 was completely out of the ordinary. We’re still dealing with the aftermath of a pandemic that devastated the whole world, and the heartbreak for the Emerge! family due to the loss of our Sonic Market Director, Freddy Ortiz. Far from letting the circumstances deter us, we carried out our long-awaited AOP virtually for all team members to enjoy safely.

The path to growth in our company has been one of obstacles, challenges, and overcomings, but our pace towards success has been strong and steady. Feeling proud of what we accomplished is an understatement for this year’s AOP. Today, we feel proud and impressed with ourselves, what we are capable of, and who we are, because we had no idea that the Core Values that drive us as a company would end up being the main reason for our survival and success in overcoming all the challenges 2020 threw our way.

We’ve invested years in cultivating, encouraging and building the Core Values that define the Emerge! identity - the true difference between us and many other organizations. They’re not just words on a poster. We truly, authentically walk the talk. We emerged successfully through many storms and proved to ourselves that we can persevere through any storm. We believe this momentum will propel us for years to come.

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