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Emerge is Featured on Taco Bell’s Post Promoting theART

theART is Taco Bell’s next generation of leadership development that focuses on putting people first, creating inclusive communities and interacting with our customers during difficult situations.

theART launched to all ARLs and company restaurant employees in the next several months. theART was also made available to all franchise organizations through Train the Trainer sessions.*

Team Emerge from Texas hosted four out of seven ART rallies and we wanted to share how this development opportunity has impacted them.

  • Restaurant #035074 in Gonzales, TX. Andrea Alvarez is the RGM and the team put more focus around creating a positive, inclusive culture (Purn Ball!)

  • Restaurant #035073 in Kenedy, TX. Johnny Ramos, RGM and their location just made a tremendous leap this week after they held their rally on August 31. Their team is pumped up!

  • Restaurant #035072 in Pleasanton, TX. RGM Suzanne Ingraham forgot to take photos but she was first to commit holding a rally and held theirs on September.

  • Restaurant #035329 in Bulverde, TX. This one committed to holding another one because it was hard to schedule all Team Members at the same time to ensure their teams participated. This one is led by their Area Training Manager, Dolores Gonzales.

This is just the beginning of our journey and we are so excited to share this program with the system.

If you want to share photos and how theART has impacted your teams, email Jamie Gonzalez.

*Franchise organizations are responsible for their own team training programs as well as employment policies and practices.

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