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Emerge’s Three Power Principles.

We’ve started off strong in this new environment even though staffing has become more and more challenging with every passing week. As our burden of leadership would demand, we have to be the beacons of energy and encouragement to help all team members through this rough climb up the hill.

Unlike all mountains we’ve conquered in the past, this is just a temporary hill.

To encourage great leadership during these times, we need to work on:



Energy and Encouragement to Motivate teams through rough climbs up challenging hills.

(1) RECOGNIZE: Consistently focus on celebrating your team’s efforts to keep steady on the path towards your goals.

Our teams are the secret to success. Showing appreciation for their commitment and effort is what keeps them motivated to give their best. Some GMs are naturals at this and some are not, but right now we all need to be amazing at it! Even when not you don’t always get the expected results, the fact is your people are in that unit working long hours taking care of the guests and business, and they deserve recognition.

We’re showing our team that we see them and that we are thankful for their efforts.

(2) ENERGIZE: Build excitement and a positive work environment to boost morale and maintain a passion-driven team.

Giving teams some much needed respite and celebration is a must and will motivate them to achieve more. Whether it’s for seasoned, experienced staff members or newly-trained-up, novice members, it’s important to energize and lift the spirits of your team on those long, tough days. Celebrate your teams’ wins with small unit parties and let them know they’re doing a great job.

(3) COMMUNICATE: Constantly communicate vision, and give the team a clear view of the finish line so they are anticipating the next milestone with excitement.

It’s important to keep your teams up to date with what’s going on and give them tangible goals so they know exactly what is expected of them, even if the road ahead is bumpy. Make sure they see the finish line where success and achievement are on the horizon. This is key to maintaining anticipation, motivation and high spirits. By doing this, we recruit talent that will keep our legacy alive!

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