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Updated: Jul 10

Even during the hardest times, we still Emerge!

In the middle of all the overwhelming amount of negative news in social media and TV, it’s always great to see the reality of Who We Are As People, overcomers, and victors, not victims!

Several Emerge! teams did an amazing job this week in our different restaurants! Lots of great teamwork and great wins even through a challenging week; from Sonic growing sales all week to KFC team opening a VERY BUSY brand-new KFC in Orange, Texas!

“We really appreciate the hard work that all teams and general managers are doing in NOLA, Baton Rouge, Golden Triangle, San Antonio/South Texas, and Houston!” said Emerge Leadership Team “We know that with the closing of dining room eating and decreasing customer traffic, Emerge! Teams have had to make challenging adjustments, but many have stepped up, executed while controlling the business, and ensured the restaurants keep taking care of the guests safely. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for taking all the extra precautions to ensure sanitation that keeps employees and guests safe!”

Emerge’s biggest ask is that their team make wise decisions following the guidelines sent out to keep themselves, their families and employees safe and sanitary. They urge them to continue to ensure proper handwashing, overall hygiene, glove use, and distancing (and outside of work to stay away from crowded areas).

There are so many great wins to share for this week!

Every day Sonic grew sales beating other Sonic and all other Fast Food in Sales even in such difficult times, showing that they are going for the sales!

An Emerge-KFC that opened on Thursday 3/19/2020 at $6,900 finished Wednesday 3/20/2020 at $9,158! with drive-through only!

The new KFC in Orange Texas (a community that hasn’t had a KFC for over 20 years), once it opened, had a great line of hungry customers (and the team was ready to serve!). They handed menus to the customers in their cars on the line to make the process faster!

Emerge! is optimistic about the future and things getting back to normal soon, but knows that the restaurant industry can be tough and is hard work! Emerge Leadership Team says “It takes tough people to be successful, but I know we have a lot of strong managers out there coaching, guiding, reassuring, counseling, encouraging, and motivating their employees to be their best right now!”

Emerge! wants to thank all the Region Directors, Training Leaders, Office Team, Area Coaches, General Managers, Managers, Shift Supervisors for their effort! You are the reason why we Emerge! And one last thing from the Emerge Leadership Team: “Remember team, we got this! The company leaders, office, and your coaches are committed to helping you with anything you need or questions you may have! Let’s continue to lead the charge and be the best on block company by leading and achieving, and never being Victims of our circumstance, but Victors!!"

Emerge! Leadership Team

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