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Pizza Hut celebrates two World Class Operations Meetings

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

For our company, World Class Operations Meetings (WCOM) are special events where our teams are able to get together and review their recent performance. Leaders are able to present their achievements and analyze their shortcomings in order to improve upon previous results, and also have the chance to build strong rapport with colleagues through all the fun activities we plan for every meeting.

On February 28th, we held the first Pizza Hut WCOM of the year in Arizona. It was an awesome WCOM to start off in 2023. We had a wonderful time at this meeting with a lot of new faces in our RGM team. This time we had a baseball theme: Play ball! Play as one, win as one!

In other news, Pizza Hut Houston also held their Q4 WCOM at the start of March and everyone had a blast! The theme was ‘Teamwork’ and we divided the teams to play a rousing game of mini basketball. One of our leaders, Shaju, led the way with an excellent presentation on teamwork which was very well-received by his attentive audience. The theme definitely resonated with everyone throughout the day. The RGMs did an excellent job of presenting their numbers, sharing BDPs and asking good questions. Everyone was highly engaged, as expected from such a tenured and professional team of RGMs.

We’re now years into the tradition of celebrating these meetings along with the Leadership Level Pinning Ceremonies, and both have proven to be productive ways to build motivation, set goals and recognize the performance of our leaders. As a company with a strong people-first driven culture, we take every chance we get to emphasize the importance of teamwork and show our team members the great lengths they’re able to get to when they work together.

WCOM will keep coming to recognize our achievements, plan ahead and instill in our team members the sense of Love, Urgency, Persistence and Honor that set us apart in the industry!

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