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Even in the Middle of a Pandemic, Our Teams Push Forward!

Visiting Drive-In 2783 in Pasadena was an inspiring and humbling experience. This young, motivated group of individuals has been giving their best to serve our customers even after losing almost half of their group of team members due to COVID-19. They never gave up, no matter the obstacles!

This Sonic unit is one of the busiest stores for the entire Sonic Brand! Their team lost more than half of their crew of 34 employees due to the pandemic that has taken it’s toll on all of us. However, this did not stop them from keeping the unit open and serving our guests with the highest quality standards that set them and Emerge! apart. We never back down!

It’s great to take the time to recognize a great team that knows how to face challenging times and keep the morale high! Bringing chips, candies, pizza, and gift cards was just a token of appreciation for all their hard work and support in moments of true difficulties. They are an example of endurance and determination and we thank them for being such an exceptional group of people that makes this company proud of the quality of its employees.

High standards and attentive, professional staff is our signature at Emerge! Happy customers are our top priority, even during hard times.

Congratulations to the Pasadena Team! The few and the proud!

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