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Leadership Development and Growth Continue

Development never stops and we keep growing!

Our team’s constant development is one of our main goals. Emerge! cares about its team members’ development and personal fulfillment. A development program with proper training and a motivating rewards system guarantees our team’s upward career climb.

The Sonic Hot Wheels Team has promoted 13 candidates to their immediate rank. After much hard work, a selective process of training and a certification Summit, they achieved a well-deserved promotion. Despite being in the middle of difficult times, these team members are a testimony of perseverance and dedication.

This new generation of leaders that are ready to keep growing in the company is the reason why we Emerge!, and our priority is to see them succeed, not only as part of the team but in their personal goals as well. We encourage every member to give their best and they never stop surprising us!

In the next summit, each AC is already committed to send more candidates through the process. Emerge! team had so much energy and motivation during the last one, that the next one promises to be amazing.

Way to go Sonic Hot Wheels team! Keep giving your best!

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