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Updated: Jul 10

Almost 15 years of expertise in the world of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), the Emerge leadership team possesses the acumen to discern, meticulously choose, and cultivate brands and markets that will not only advance the company but also steer it towards success in a fiercely competitive industry. Among these strategically chosen markets, one was been meticulously considered by our executive team for the past five years. On August 30th, 2023, the fruits of their due diligence came to fruition with the historic acquisition of 36 Pizza Hut units in the northern half of San Antonio, TX.

The previous owner, a second-generation franchisee, had been managing Pizza Huts in San Antonio for fifty-five years since opening their first unit in the 60s. Acquiring these longstanding units, some of which are historical landmarks, not only represents a significant milestone for Emerge, increasing its unit count from 48 to 84 Pizza Hut locations, but also adds a unique historic charm and brand nostalgia only found in stores that have thrived for many decades.

Many of these units are the original Red Roof Restaurants, and one of them boasts one of the only two remaining original signs from the first Pizza Huts launched in the 1950s. This antique signage is located at the newly acquired San Antonio unit on Fredericksburg Rd, making it a cherished historical landmark for the local community. Interestingly, this store now receives lower scores during corporate inspections because the historic sign doesn't conform to current standards. However, it gains tremendous value as the sign is now protected and cherished by the people in town who consider it an integral part of their city, history, and cherished memories.

From a financial standpoint, this was a well planned, intentional and strategic acquisition with very healthy unit volumes for the system average, located in the rapidly growing San Antonio area that still has plenty of room for further development and a booming economy that between 2010 and 2020 experienced a 20% population growth. The decision to also buy the real estate for the majority of these units was made intentionally in order to guarantee the possibility of growth in the future and the flexibility to evolve the portfolio.

Immediately after taking the wheel, the Emerge team committed to two objectives:

First, adjust the delivery radius of the outdated maps that didn’t reflect the area’s growth, sending statistics to Pizza Hut Corporate in order to optimize the unit’s operations. As currently one of the Top Performing Franchisees in the Pizza Hut system, Emerge takes great pride in its position and aims to continue to further elevate operations with the new Pizza Hut stores in San Antonio.

Second, as one of the important traditions that has developed over the years, the Leadership Team led by Kamal (CEO), Mick (COO), Rachel (VP of Operations) and Ted (Market Director) visited all 36 restaurants in the first two days, beginning the day after the purchase. This tradition was established to extend a warm welcome, familiarize themselves with the managers, employees, and the stores, and, of course, to acknowledge the outstanding, long-serving individuals who have consistently demonstrated excellence in their practices and operations over the years. Fortunately, many of these tenured team members smoothly transitioned to become new members of the Emerge family. The emphasis on the human element is paramount in forging authentic relationships with those whom Emerge considers as new additions to the Emerge family.

Everything seamlessly came together with the acquisition of these well-established, legacy franchise locations and their rich histories. Emerge now welcomes hundreds of new team members to embark on their journey of developing individuals from all walks of life.

We ALL can Emerge! To the San Antonio Team, we stand ready to support you as you RISE UP, PUMP UP, and BUILD UP!

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