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Q1 2022 PH WCOM held in Arizona

Updated: May 24, 2023

Q1 2022 PH WCOM held in Arizona

Recognizing and sharing achievements is an important par of our culture here at Emerge, especially when leaders and managers go above and beyond for their teams and businesses. That’s why we want to point out the amazing WCOM meeting that was held on May 11th 2022, with the Pizza Hut team in Arizona!

The event was filled with content, focusing on key items and sharing info from the Spring Conference. There were really fantastic discussions with the RGMs and ACs. RGMs presented quarterly numbers in the afternoon for the first time!

The participation of volunteers and managers was outstanding. All of the managers were engaged, asked questions and shared BDPs with one another. There was lots of recognition from the ACs and from the managers, and everyone was happy to get to spend time learning and sharing with each other.

Not only that, much effort was placed in the event concept decor with hard hats and cones, all in order to create an immersive, fun, and unique experience! That’s why we want to point out Jessica Mackeithan’s performance, the person who was in charge of the event’s ambiance, resulting in a world class WCOM, thanks to her awesome creativity. Kamal expressed a few words of appreciation: “Jessica, you have a special talent very few have! This is awesome creativity! Love it! Thank you very much for making this special with your magic touch!”

The beginning of the year started off well, with an amazing event together with PH in Arizona, and that surely deserves our recognition! Thank you all very much for your hard work and participation!

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