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Q4 & Full-Year 2021 KFC Operations Results & Recognition

Updated: May 27, 2023

Each year, KFC’s Operations Results & Recognition list comes out to catalog all KFC franchisors and the performance of their units. The last time we saw this ranking, we were in the mid-20s. In 2021, Emerge! ranked in the top 15 of KFC’s Operation Scorecard.

So far we’ve improved KFC team’s results and finished over West Grp, Ampex, Peterson, Fulwinder, and KFC domestic. A special shout out to Robert M., who’s beating all his peers in his race for improvement. This is proof of our commitment to keep on climbing up.

We firmly believe this improvement is a direct consequence of the continuous efforts we’ve put in strengthening our company culture. No matter the challenge, our team members have climbed up together and conquered!

So, here’s a big ‘thank you’, to all teams!

“As we strive for continued success in 2022, we must have constant focus on Accuracy – it’s one of the most important keys to repeat guests, especially when it comes to delivery and pick-up orders. And we must never take our attention off of Food Safety, which can easily be done by ensuring your restaurants are using successful routines (like the new KFC Routines app) and you are following up on ROCC action plans. I look forward to seeing the amazing results in 2022 that will be delivered by you and your teams! Congratulations to all of these organizations and their amazing teams!” Jeff Griffin Director of Franchise Operations for KFC

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