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Updated: Jul 10

Emerge! Inc understands this golden nugget of life: Culture Matters!

What does this mean? This means that we recognize that we will only demonstrate and share the moral character and personality we want to represent to our guests and the outside world, if we hire, develop, promote and live that moral character internally. By establishing our identity and the ways that define us as a team, we develop a living culture that will make a difference in the guest experience and in the world’s experience of who we are.

This is the Emerge! way that is evidence of our internal culture:

We look at every customer as an important individual and we treat one another with dignity and respect. This means we never harass or discriminate against our customers. Our service is driven by giving each and every customer the Emerge! Inc experience. Smiles and eye contact, personal greetings, a thank you and, of course, delicious food are all part of the service we give. We give the Emerge! Inc experience to our customers whether they are buying a meal, a drink, calling for directions on the phone, or just coming in with a friend.

-From the Emerge, Inc. Handbook

Guests and the outside world experience this culture, because we live it every day with one another behind the scenes.

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