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Emerge! Completes an Unprecedented KFC Restaurant Makeover

Emerge! just completed the remodeling of a KFC on Saums Road. The main goal was to transform the image of the unit according to the next generation of the KFC brand.

The new model for the next generation of KFC restaurants is known as the American Showman and focuses on providing a more pleasant experience for guests and employees. Through a set of small details, the new roof of the restaurant resembles a popped top of a chicken bucket. Right after entering, the bright bucket-shaped chandeliers creatively represent the brand, and the many images and decorations honoring Colonel Sanders and the brand’s long history are sure to catch the customer’s attention. The new design full of creative and historic details is intended to revamp the brand's image and bring customers back to KFC.

The new KFC also gives special attention to increasing meal quality, launching a campaign of “doing things the hard way”. In April, KFC announced it was undergoing "Re-Colonelization," which it describes as a public commitment to quality, involving national employee retraining and a new satisfaction guarantee. Blackboards showing the chef, today’s chicken origin and putting signs of “real meals to go” are part of the strategy to demonstrate this aiming-for-quality approach.

Emerge! thus far has remodeled 14 units of the 26 into this American Showman design. The team is glad to help the KFC brand renew itself and adapt to the changing market.

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