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Emerge Doubles its Taco Bell Footprint with Acquisition of Nine Taco Bell Units in New Mexico.

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

We’re proud to announce our latest acquisition: nine Taco Bells stores located in the greater New Mexico area now added to our Taco Bell portfolio!

While supporting our strategic plan to continue growing the footprint of our existing iconic brands, acquiring these restaurants has come with another great advantage for our team. To start, this acquisition has not only doubled our Taco Bell unit count, but it has also expanded our Taco Bell footprint geographically taking us to the great state of New Mexico! But the most important thing gained in acquiring these New Mexico stores, is that we've gained some really solid teams in these specific restaurants that will enhance our culture and team dynamic.

Emerge! has always been committed to having a culture of equal opportunity, and with this purchase we’ve been able to add a new diverse group of team members into our family: the Navajo Nation. We got to share some traditions and learn about other cultures with these restaurants, which is always exciting, and we’re proud to participate in and embrace the further diversification of America, which we’re always taking action towards.

These teams were well-taken-care-of by the previous organization, a legacy franchisee, which did a great job in building them up and ingraining a sense of culture in them. There are a lot of families in these units that show a lot of ownership and pride for what they do. That love for the brand and their communities aligns so well with our teams’ love for the brand and community and we feel so fortunate to have brought on teams that seem to fit our culture like a glove. We’re thankful to have been welcomed with open arms as we visited and got to know them, and we're excited to really continue to build our legacy through these people. With this acquisition, we commit to building the brand further in the New Mexico and the Colorado region.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome these teams and the restaurants to our family!

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