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Houston Teams Celebrated their 1st World Class Operators Meeting

Updated: May 27, 2023

On January 12th 2022, we held our 1st Pizza Hut World Class Operators Meeting in Tucson to recognize our Arizona teams and work together in updating aspects of our operations. It is important to us to acknowledge performance and encourage self-improvement in all of our markets so we can all Emerge! The 1st World Class Operators Meeting for our Houston team was held on January 25th, and it was awesome! This was a significant meeting attended by all of the General Managers in the Houston market and the Area Coaches contributed to the presentation and training of the team. Area Coaches, Shaju and Melinda, presented their personal recognition awards for the Leaders that best exemplified the Core Values that set us apart as a company. We completed a detailed tutorial of the P&L’s and reviewed the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of Bench Planning. Rachel, Pizza Hut Market Director, introduced the new WCOM forms for our quarterly presentations that we will have during our future WCOM meetings and we practiced with them together. The entire team was very engaged, especially when the meeting turned focus towards discussion of our people with much recognition from the Area Coaches as well as between the General Managers. We talked about Emerge’s Core Values (Love, Urgency, Persistence and Honor) and how to apply them to our daily situations. We went over future People Development Programs and initiatives that we plan to implement during 2022 and went into detail about Emerge’s Leadership Development program. Last but not least, we held Emerge’s first Leadership Development Level pinning ceremony for the Houston teams, in which each Manager and General Manager was presented with a certificate and/or their corresponding Level Pin. We are honored to be among the first Emerge groups to hold a WCOM and so proud of the entire Houston team for their engagement and teamwork! We’re taking all our markets to a new level!

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