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KFC and Taco Bell Teams go Above and Beyond together during Texas Winter Storm

Great effort, hard work, and perseverance in spite of challenging circumstances! KFC and Taco Bell teams push through an historic event!

The Winter Storm that affected Texas between February 13th and February 17th, 2021, with an aftermath that impacted communities for many more days, was a challenge that our teams overcame with courage and determination and we want to highlight the many team members who worked above and beyond! We are proud of all the hard work the team put into opening units and helping each other while opening their units to serve many customers who had no food, no heat, no water, and no electricity. We brought comfort to so many communities in their time of need, and many of you stepped up to take care of your stores as though they were your home!

RGM Dolores Gonzales made sure to open her Taco bell unit every day during the storm and even drove to other locations to obtain products and keep the orders rolling - all signs of great dedication and excellence. She stayed there and even refused to close early, though for safety the units needed to close at 8:00 pm.

Mona Rivas opened the restaurant by herself the first day of the storm! She prepared everything for customers and even took orders from the drive-through window while the RGM was on his way. She stood there without any complaint and showed a real Emerge! spirit. It is rare from a shift lead to show that kind of ownership and we feel grateful every day for having people like her on our team.

The KFC units also showed unwavering determination. Renetta Moore from Beaumont, opened with just one team member, cooked all day and cashiered. She worked 72 hours and showed true ownership.

Denis Zamora cooked at Pearland, ran around from store to store grabbing food, and cooked, packed and kept the unit open past 9:00 P.M. He also helped Mr. James take food to San Antonio Taco Bells.

Antoine Leggett at Pearland, a shift supervisor, cooked for a couple of days to cover for Estella.

Titus, RGM from Laporte, jumped in and started moving products. Roy Torres, our Facility Maintenance Guy, supported us all along the way.

Those days were tough, however, we worked together and we got through it. All were impacted one way or another by the storm, but despite their challenges, they showed great effort to support their team!

This is how we win. We come together and break barriers. We are truly proud of the way all came together to get their units opened, even going to other stores when they had no power. We never thought we would have to face so many challenges these last few years, but each time, KFC and Taco Bell teams have stepped up and gone above and beyond! Thanks for pushing hard to get food for the units! It mattered a lot!

Thank you for all the hard work navigating yet another storm!

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