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After 8 Days of No Power, KFC Orange Opened to Huge Sales

All great efforts from Denis Zamora, James Greenwood, and the GMs. (subtitle)

Even in the hardest moments, our units always rise up to the task and Emerge! After being heavily struck by Hurricane Laura, despite being in the center of a disaster zone, our KFC unit in Orange decided to go and serve the people of the area!

Hurricane Laura deviated from its course and hit Orange area on August 26th. The wind heavily affected the area and electricity problems kept our units shut for 8 days, but once the energy was reestablished, KFC Orange opened its doors immediately.

Because no one was open and food stores were also not accepting customers, the volume of customers in the next few days was huge. The unit reached over $6,700 the first day and $8,000 USD each of the next few days! The long lines were a demonstration of how much the community needed the support and comfort of a great meal to share and enjoy with family during the struggle of these hard times.

Thank you to the Orange Team for their great effort. We are so grateful for the managers from Beaumont, whose store was closed, who came to support the team at Orange. We thank all the managers for giving their 110% to help the staff during these busy days. Our teams are the reason why we are able to Emerge!

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