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Updated: Jul 10

Emerge! is proud to announce the completion of Port Arthur’s KFC unit. The remodel started on February 3rd and only 12 days later, the doors were open once again. This was no easy task, as the unit was pretty much gutted to be able to update everything from floors, ceilings, doors, and restrooms to the drive-through, all with the goal of bringing another American Showman design to the community.

American Showman prototype gives the brand a modern look that captures the Colonel’s vintage flavor and returns tp the brand’s roots. It features bold graphics and memorabilia that celebrate to the company’s iconic founder, Colonel Sanders, and creative, legacy-honoring focal points throughout the dining experience.

Just a few of the highlights are lighting fixtures that look like chicken buckets, a celebrity chef hall of fame wall, and a chalkboard telling customers where the chicken comes from and who is cooking it.

Emerge! was very excited to remodel the Port Arthur location, and to bring add another American Showman KFC to the portfolio! The company loves the appeal of the new asset, and so do the guests. Port Arthur has always had an incredibly dedicated KFC fanbase, so it was such a pleasure to upgrade their experience with this beautiful new asset. The unit re-opened on February 15th, and has already received rave reviews and more frequent visits.

Ready to enjoy the new American Showman experience? Come and visit us at Port Arthur! We are waiting for you.

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