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Silsbee, Texas, Welcomes a New Taco Bell with Exciting New Upgrades

On March 31st, we completed our latest new construction of a new, high-tech Taco Bell prototype and held our Grand Opening to share it with the community of Silsbee, Texas. We are always so excited to add another Taco Bell restaurant to our family of restaurants because Taco Bell is such an amazing brand to work with. Our employees, especially our younger generation, love working in a place with such a modern look & feel. Because the Taco Bell process and training system is fun and so easy to grasp, our training team and new staff members actually enjoy onboarding & training. And, as always, the Taco Bell brand always has great reception among our communities and brings a lot of new aspiring food-service team members eager to work for Taco Bell.

Our opening day was very busy. We launched this brand new unit with a brand new team consisting of very few employees for a Grand Opening. What made this feat possible was the excitement and determination of our experienced team members and our new team members who were all thrilled to share the new, high-tech prototype. Our team made the best of opening day despite the short staff and we couldn’t be prouder. However, it comes to us as no surprise that because of Taco Bell’s popularity and the excitement surrounding the launch of the high-tech prototype, it was very easy to fully staff and we are now working at full capacity.

This unit is a brand new prototype recently launched by Taco Bell, with stylish and trendy aesthetics enhanced with a new system called Touch KDS and other automated features. Customers are ecstatic with our brand new high-tech design, with kiosks where people can place orders and digital menu boards, creating a fun, fast and empowering experience. However, the guests also receive all the warmth and service-attention of the person-to-person experience that our employees always provide. While this brand new, high-tech, innovative design keeps us ahead of the trends, we never disregard the even more important human factor that our employees add to the equation. Humans put heart and inspiration into what they do and you don’t get that with machines.

With the success of the grand opening of this prototype, and the amazing reception of the Taco Bell brand from customers and new team members, we expect many more new Taco Bells prototypes in our future. Come visit our new Silsbee, TX location and experience the new prototype and our team’s enthusiastic service!

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