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A New Sonic Acquisition Closes Out a Year Full of Growth!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Through a careful selection of brands and markets for smart acquisitions,

Emerge! cultivates organic growth through a focus on PEOPLE!

Emerge! closes 2021 with a bang with 15 more restaurants under its belt.

Emerge! closes out 2021 with a stack of achievements and lots of room for continued growth as they complete a new Sonic acquisition and renew Emerge!’s commitment to strategic growth with a focus on growing people. On December 3rd, 15 new Sonic restaurants officially became part of the business and elevated the count from 29 units in the Houston area to 44 units in the Houston and Galveston areas. Under Market Director Marco Cerda’s management, the Emerge! Leadership team is confident that these 15 new units will soon prove their worth. Marco is a brilliant team leader that has grown within the company and climbed his way to the top with continuous effort and outstanding results. After months of research, the Emerge! Leadership selected and acquired these stores for a number of reasons - one being that they’re highly-frequented restaurants in adequate conditions that experience especially high volumes during summer time due to their close proximity to the vacation destination of Galveston and surrounding towns. These stores are not only great options for tourists but their teams are also very local community-minded, and involved in events and activities in and around their locations.

It’s great to purchase Sonic restaurants in the outlying Houston area where the brand presence is strong. We are excited to see Emerge!’s Sonic brand presence grow in our own backyard so we can continue to develop leaders from within our existing community! Kamal Singh, CEO

With the acquisition of these stores, Emerge! also acquired a great group of tenured managers and existing staff that really care about their teams and communities, and have a strong drive to serve them both. This showed Emerge! that people who work at Sonic tend to be loyal to their brand and rarely seem to retire from their post - a tendency that Emerge! took note of straight away in order to strategically and smartly start its acquisition process. This final purchase renews Emerge!’s commitment to thriving in the QSR industry with a focus on helping Emerging leaders grow to carry on the legacy of the company. As the Sonic brand continues to grow with a focus on innovation and fun in every guests’ experience, Emerge! will continue to be world-class brand ambassadors. Leadership welcomes these teams with excitement and is ready to take their already outstanding operations to a whole new level!

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