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Our Sonic SUPERvisors Go Above and Beyond to Help a Local Guest!

Updated: May 27, 2023

At Emerge! We believe in dedication and hardwork, but our focus is fundamentally on people. And this not only refers to customers, but also to our employees. That is why it is important for us to praise the outstanding performance of our supervisors at Sonic who have been delivering a dedicated and personalized customer service to our clients. Congratulations!

Recently, we received some customer service reviews which have proven how attentive our supervisors really are. Such is the case of Mr. Lopez and Gigi, who work at the Sonic units located at, 310 bay area and the one on 10908 Galveston Rd., respectively. Recently, one of Sonic’s regular customers stressed how unfailingly polite and extremely professional Gigi and Mr. Lopez, together with their teams, were in giving extra care and attention to this particular client who frequents Sonic daily. “I'm currently in kidney failure and I am extremely anemic. I crave ice, and the Sonic ice is the best.”, she explained. She went to on to describe how some days, after treatment, she is drained and supervisors Gigi and Mr. Lopez go out of their way to provide her not only with the ice she craves, but also kindness, grace and impeccable customer service attention during this difficult time for her. So much so that she now goes to this Sonic three times a week before her dialysis treatment.

Despite the fact mistakes might occur, these exemplary employees show they genuinely care, highlighting one of our Core Values, ‘LOVE’, and is the result of great leadership from these supervisors. We take pride in the teams we have built, in their growth and in all they have achieved.

High standards and attentive, professional staff is our signature at Emerge! Happy customers are our top priority.

Congratulations Gigi and Mr.Lopez!

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