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Emerge and Sonic Join Forces: Exciting Growth Opportunities in Louisiana

True to our commitment of being an organization that always rises to the challenge and emerges among the best, we are proud to announce the most recent addition to our portfolio. In what was the fastest closure and smoothest acquisition in the history of our company, ten Sonic units within the Lake Charles Sulphur area are now part of the Emerge Family!

This transaction marks an exciting development for people across the Lake Charles Sulphur area and is an important step in our growth. With the acquisition of 10 Sonic restaurants, Emerge has strategically positioned itself for expansion, capitalizing on prime locations, a rich legacy, and boundless growth potential.

Situated in favored areas of Louisiana with bustling tourism and numerous businesses, these stores are also near other Emerge units in Beaumont, Baytown, and Houston, providing a geographical advantage for operations. However, these newly acquired Sonics offer more than just convenient locations: they have a strong history, reflected in impressive sales figures driven by dedicated teams and loyal customers.

What truly excites Emerge is the growth potential of these restaurants. They have been recently remodeled to reflect Sonic's latest vision and, combined with Emerge's focus on top-notch operations and team building, these Sonics are set up for even greater success.

The acquisition process was impeccable, inspiring the Emerge team with electric energy. The great effort of the office team resulted in the acquisition happening three weeks ahead of schedule. On April 17th, the deal was closed, and the torch was quickly passed to GMs who were full of excitement for this new project. They swiftly took over to evaluate and improve operations and were met with a tenured crew that was happy to embrace our culture and grow alongside us.

At Emerge, success is deeply rooted in our people-centric approach. The current Sonic teams are enthusiastic to work alongside Emerge, recognizing our established commitment to excellence and aspiring to create a lasting legacy together. Emerge will continue to take care of its people by providing ongoing support, custom resources, and opportunities for mutual growth.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we witness the bright future of Sonic and Emerge in the beautiful state of Louisiana.

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