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Carls Jr. Conversion: A Historic Transformation Delivers a New KFC to Beaumont, TX

Despite the hardships, Emerge!’s agenda of growth and innovation prevails. This historic conversion came to fruition in the city of Beaumont TX after three months of hard work and planning. A closed-down Carl’s Jr. unit was successfully converted to a KFC with a dining capacity of 44 people, which proved to be a more demanding task than executing a new build construction project. This project started in December 2020 with the acquisition of a deteriorated building formerly used as a Carl’s Jr. unit, and after going through a major transformation, the new KFC restaurant opened its doors on March 18th.

This conversion was one of a kind for us due to the multiple obstacles we had to face just before opening. As per building requirements, the city of Beaumont performed eight inspections we had to pass just to get the store open. Although we already have a KFC in Beaumont about ten miles from this new location, this is the first building project in which we have had to pass so many inspections. Additionally, the winter storm pushed our schedule back one week. To open, we brought over the heavy cavalry: 42 seasoned employees, experienced manager, Dashlyn Wright, and our Training Director, Maria Davilla, to support the new operation.

Opening day wasn’t our lucky day as it presented even more challenges to overcome. We had to open late as began the day with electrical problems; half the equipment wasn’t working and our teams had to move fast to bring out electricians to fix the problem. We had this problem fixed the next day to be able to work at full capacity. Once we overcame the rocky start, operations have been running smoothly and the reception we’ve had from the community has been great. Customers have shown their approval in multiple great reviews.

This historic conversion was taxing but incredibly satisfying. Whenever we think that our teams have reached their top performance, they prove us wrong and show us they can continue to Emerge! We take pride in the way our teams handled the situation and performed way better than anticipated regardless of the challenges presented with this conversion. Way to go Emerge! KFC team!

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