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Closing 2021 on a High Note with A New Pizza Hut Acquisition

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Emerge! finishes 2021 at the top of the industry by staying true to its culture and mission: through a careful selection of brands and markets for smart acquisitions,

Emerge! cultivates organic growth through a focus on PEOPLE!

December 2021 sees the end of a year full of growth and achievements for a company that has stormed forward in the QSR industry. Emerge! bids farewell to 2021 with a purchase that has increased the number of Pizza Hut units under its management from 29 to 48.

On December 6th, 2021, nineteen above-system-average AUV, modern Pizza Hut units officially became part of the Emerge! family. This follows on from last year in 2020, when a whopping thirty-four Pizza Hut units became part of the Emerge! family in Arizona. Now, only a year and a half later, another 19 found in the busy streets of the industrial sector of the city of Houston, Texas, have been added to the portfolio.

It’s always exciting to purchase from our top tier brand family right in our own backyard. We are proud of our Emerge! Leaders as they continue to grow in responsibility and leadership, which is staying true to our commitment to developing leaders from within.

Kamal Singh, CEO

This was yet another ‘smart’ acquisition given that these stores are well-positioned, high-volume units already staffed with tenured teams that thrive in competitive markets and were bought following a strategic ‘contiguous geography’ acquisition pattern. Every restaurant Emerge! has bought in the last two years is above-system-average in the brand, and under Emerge!’s management with the amazing Rachel Robinson as Pizza Hut’s Leader, will no doubt sky-rocket into new levels of high-quality service.

So far, Pizza Hut has proved to be an exceptional addition to Emerge! despite the acquisition happening in the middle of the complexities and challenges of a pandemic. Emerge! Leadership has all the intention of supporting these teams even further in order to continue their success in growing in transactions and outperforming the competition.

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