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Q1 Elite Operators & Emerging Leaders

Recognizing and sharing the achievements of leaders who go above and beyond for their teams and businesses is extremely important. Leadership is not easy and even tougher in times of trial and tribulation as we have experienced in the industry over the last year. This is the fun part of the job - to celebrate and recognize these special folks that define Emerge!

We’re proud to announce our quarterly recognition of excellent Leadership and Performance! Remember, this praise is reserved for the best of the best leadership demonstrated, but there are still many great leaders that deserve our recognition. Thank you all very much for your hard work!

Q1 2021 Elite Operator - Maria Devilla

It is our honor and pleasure to recognize our Q1 Elite Operator, Maria Devilla. Maria plays a vital role in her team; she has spent countless hours assisting our store openings and getting teams ready for Core Audits. Maria builds excellent relationships with all leaders and dedicates herself to helping others succeed. She assumes great responsibility, works tirelessly and never says no to help. Maria’s there to encourage, teach, work side by side with others and be a listening ear.

Without Maria's help, many of us would have felt a tremendous weight and pressure with the recent challenging openings and audits. She puts so much heart into her job and truly represents the values of Emerge! Thank you, Maria!

Q1 2021 Elite Operator - Albertha Frederick

It is our honor and pleasure to recognize our Q1 Elite Operator, Albertha Frederick. Albertha has put heart and soul into her restaurant team and unit from day one. She has very high standards and turnover at her unit is the lowest in Emerge! While her coaching style can be demanding, she treats her team affectionately by celebrating every special event and never missing a birthday! Some notes from her supervisor James:

Albertha has the lowest overall turnover because she is a firm leader but gives recognition to her team when they perform well. She leads with determination and perseverance.

Albertha, thank you for making federal KFC successful and making such a positive influence on your team! You make KFC great!

Q1 2021 Elite Operator - Martha Schlesinger

It is our honor and pleasure to recognize our Q1 Elite Operator, Martha Schlesinger. Martha has done an incredible job since she became the GM. Her relentless commitment to her team, unit and customers, drives the success of this incredible turnaround. Martha is very supportive of all Sonic Teams. If a unit is understaffed, she will send her team over to assist. She continues to grow sales, and in the four years of opening, she has never lost momentum. Whatever she needs to do for her store, she does it! If someone calls in sick, she is always there to save the day.

Martha is set to take on a brand new Sonic in Pasadena which will be an exciting and challenging next step for her. Thank you, Martha! Onwards and upwards!

Q1 2021 Emerging Leader Rosie Archiniaco

We’re thrilled to give some much deserved recognition to our Q1 Emerging Leader Rosie Archiniaco, from our Pizza Hut team in Arizona. Rosie has been a positive force in the market where she constantly strives for better results and provides excellent support not only for her team but also for Carlos. Rosie models outstanding leadership in her commitment to supporting her GMs, visiting units during peak hours, and inspiring change in a challenging market. Rosie has worked tirelessly to secure staff and develop Managers that could take over the Bistro area.

Without Rosie's dedication and inspiring attitude, her units would have a hard time ensuring our standards are met. Thank you, Rosie!

We congratulate these great operators who make a difference every day and are examples of great leadership and dedication to success. It's these leaders that define our organization and really make Emerge what it is! Thank you, all!

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