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Updated: Jul 10

As a company, we are so excited to announce this big news and invite all to celebrate with us as this is a huge win for each and every one of us at Emerge! Franchise Times not only covered our story, but they put us on the cover!

Our company keeps growing thanks to the non-stop efforts every member of the company has put in together. The remarkable growth from a single restaurant to 133 locations across Yum Brands and Sonic Drive-In caught the eyes of Franchise Times, who came out to interview our founder, Kamal Singh, our COO, Mick Rosckowff and our regional director, Rachel Robinson. From those hours of conversation and listening to our story came this wonderful article that truly captured who we are. The article's primary focus was on Emerge's mission to provide opportunities for individuals and help them realize their full potential.

“We measure success not in dollars or restaurants

but in opportunities for our people.”

Franchise Times was impressed by the "tenacity" and heart that have propelled Emerge's success as Singh and Rosckowff tackled turnarounds, transformations, and transitions, but what truly set our leadership team apart was how they deliberately developed Emerge without relying on external investors, allowing them to prioritize decisions that benefit people. Singh and Rosckowff passionately discussed their commitment to creating opportunities and career pathways for their employees. Rosckowff, explaining his decision to join Emerge from Yum Brands, said, "If I'm going to be a part of this, it has to be about our people. It has to be about something bigger than you and me."

There was a sense of inspiration found in Emerge's story because of our "passion, persistence, and creating pathways to opportunity." Singh and Rosckowff built an empire from a struggling restaurant through hard work, vision, and dedication to empowering people. Their success is not merely measured by numbers, but by the careers and lives they have impacted.

The article did a great job connecting all the dots of our journey, shared our founders' stories, brought out the true meaning of “emerge”, and highlighted so much of our human-centered approach to the QSR business. It authentically presented our leadership’s underdog story of immigrants starting something from nothing and turning it into an "emerging" company that opens doors for employees to achieve their dreams and leaves a lasting impact. This piece is something that all of our employees should be proud of as it represents ALL of us!

Congratulations to the Emerge family for this well-deserved recognition! What a happy milestone! Emerge could not have accomplished this without the help of every single one of our team members, so we receive this honor with ALL and for ALL on behalf of the whole Emerge Family! We celebrate this achievement and this reminder that together….


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