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Sonic’s Strong Comeback Story Sets Them As Top Performer in 2020

Preparation, innovation, and resourcefulness are key to success in the face of challenges. Emerge! is committed to keeping its teams engaged and motivated, providing resources that pave our teams’ path to success.

The hurricane, while an arduous feat to overcome, was an opportunity for our employees to show initiative, commitment, and relentlessness. Our teams were prepared; adjusting the closing and opening hours were a necessity to safeguard the safety of both employees and customers, but as soon as the storm changed its course, our teams showed sheer responsibility and showed taking ownership at it’s best, by having the units open and running ahead of schedule without being told. Having to make the best out of challenging situations is a constant in our business that we are.

The unstable weather after the hurricane-affected our performance during day shifts, but efforts were doubled on Tuesday’s Family night by our skillful teams. Our priorities always revolve around our customers' experience. Any time an issue arises we take ownership of the guest experience on the lot and take care of their needs right away. We encourage continuous feedback from our guests in order to address their concerns as soon as possible; that way, we save them the hurdle of calling the 1800 number, which allows us to meet their interests in a more immediate and personalized manner. As a result, the guests have been taking the time to compliment the employees' efforts. Our ‘customer first’ policy allowed Sonic sales to surge up to 20% with great leadership dedicated to a reduction in complaints.

While focused on offering the best service, we never neglect our responsibility with the community by keeping our Drive-ins clean and sanitized. Our employees are skilled in the proper use of protective personal equipment to ensure our guests feel safe while visiting.

Going from the underdogs at Emerge! to being the top performer of 2020 deserves applause and recognition! Way to go Emerge! Sonic Team!

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