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Emerge! Adds Taco Bell As One Of Its Three Major Brands

In 2018, Emerge! chose the top tier brand, Taco Bell, to be one of its three major brands. This decision was a strategic one as Taco Bell maintains 9 years of store sales growth for it’s 7,000 domestic units. There are few brands with such style, vibrancy, energy, relevancy and innovation as Taco Bell, qualities which help it to continue growing in the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Because this brand is so highly rated and sought out, entry into this brand was very difficult.

Currently, Taco Bell units are traded at a very high multiple, therefore the plan is organic unit growth. This is all possible because of the tremendous potential Emerge! saw in the six Taco Bell units they acquired from RCGF Properties, LTD and transitioned in July, 2018. Though Taco Bell, in general, is doing excellent, these units were underperforming. Emerge! changed the game by recognizing better plans, making changes in management, creating structured tasks and maintaining overall operations. This allowed them to offer their employees benefits, planned training programs and on-site training.

Since the new acquisitions and turnarounds took place, Emerge! has been able to improve the culture, caliber of leadership and much more, resulting in increased sales. Accomplishing these improvements in a short period of time, Emerge! feels confident in their plan to expand their footprint on the brand, and will seek any and all opportunities for growth.

Entering into this brand is no easy feat, and was the product of hard work and effort. Emerge! is glad to see that the hard work is paying off and is excited to be a part of this new chapter in their QSR journey!

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