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The Emerge! RGMS Going to Sonic National Convention

The Sonic National Convention is coming up soon and Emerge! is ready to bring the best performers of its team! Every year the Sonic Convention brings together the brand’s best performing Regional General Managers. These RGMs have been consistent in delivering their key performance indicators and results that turned into growing sales and profits for the brand.

This year, the Emerge! team is excited to send its high-performance team to the convention to live the Sonic experience, connect with other leaders and intensify How We Sonic! Here are our top-performing RGMs that will represent Emerge! in this momentous event taking place in Austin, Texas, from September 9th to September 11th:


  • Fabiola García from Baytown, Unit 1013

  • Taria McCann from Rosslyn, Unit 1104

  • Eduardo Lopez from Woodforest, Unit 3559

  • Martha Schlesinger from Little York, Unit 3560

  • Reina Franco from Main Street, Unit 4394

  • Dawn Carrillo from 34th Street, Unit 4402

  • Latisha Hampton from Federal Rd, Unit 5046

  • Rosalba Zuniga from OST, Unit 5507

Congratulations to all of you! You showed the determination to Emerge! amongst the best!

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